Wednesday, May 18, 2016

“Now or Never” by Saltwater Sun – A Song Review

     “A rallying cry against the ruthless” is the intent ascribed to “Now or Never,” by Saltwater Sun. The song wears the description well. But an overall description of the song is that it’s a skillfully tailored piece that uses seemingly clashing threads, such as the almost hushed vocals in the intro as compared to the angry vocals that highlight other sections of the song.
     There is no attempt to be seamless. Within the first 30 seconds, “Now or Never” jumps from the quiet intro to a guitar-and-percussion blast. The song includes various elements, but our favorite is the 1970s-esque guitar that is featured starting at 2:56.

     Saltwater Sun is a UK band (Reading) formed of Jennifer Stearne (vocals), Dan Kingham (guitar), Joel Neale (guitar), Rob Carter (bass), and Ben Chandler (drums).
     “Now or Never” by Saltwater Sun

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