Thursday, May 5, 2016

Poetic Lyrics – Paul Kelly and Darrin Bradbury

     There are a number of reasons we paired these songs in a post. They were recently played on a satellite radio station, they are Indie Folk/Country, and they reflect a shadier side of living. But the main reason is both songs are based on poetry that deserves attention. Darrin Bradbury compares a romantic relationship to different drugs. The relationship “started out burning kinda sweet,” but now it’s “like the meth lab in your mother’s basement: crudely borne from jugs and far too willing to explode.”
      "True Love" by Darrin Bradbury (The female harmonization belongs to Cameron Carrus.)

     “No You” by Paul Kelly

“No You” Lyrics
I woke up with all my clothes on
Cigarette smoke in my hair
Unglued my eyes and saw a dirty room
Spilling ashtray by my bed
Empty bottle on the chair
No one else was there

I was ready in two minutes flat
Just washed my face and combed my hair
I had an 8:25 to catch
I was out of there
Flying through the front door
Then I hit the air!
No you! No you! No you! No you!
No you, no you, no you!

I was sucked into the subway
Like an ant into a hole
I stood in the crowded carriage
Shoulder to shoulder
The wheels began to roll
A tattoo in my soul

I do not lack good companions
To pick a man me up when I'm feeling down
We go to the track on Saturdays
Spread our money ‘round
I go up and down
And every single sound says
No you! No you! No you! No you!
No you, no you, no you!

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