Tuesday, May 3, 2016

“Green” by Night Talks – A Song Review

By Rebecca Gross; Twitter: @becsgross

     Night Talks, a band we spotlighted a couple months ago, has released their new single, “Green.” The song is reminiscent of the Los Angeles-based band’s other tracks in that it combines a powerful progressive rock sound with strong female vocals.  As a whole, the song is undeniably catchy and is produced with incredibly tactful skill. The first time you hear this song, you’ll find yourself tapping your feet, getting your body moving. The next time you hear it, you’ll already be singing along to this rock ballad.
            The captivating tone of the track is not its only appealing quality; the song is incredibly relatable to situations we’ve all endured. The track’s lyrics are about the little green monster that finds its way into all of our lives at one point or another: Jealousy. Opening up with “Green monster you made out of me, seen things nobody wants to see,” lead vocalist Soraya Sebghati shares her smooth and steady voice, which nicely compliments the harder alternative rock sound of the instrumentals. Cris Arteaga’s drumming skills stand out as making the song powerful to listen to, combined with the ethereal sounds of Jacob Butler’s guitar and Josh Arteaga’s bass abilities.
            If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of Night Talks’ new track “Green” via the Internet, make sure you go see them live in LA. Check them out May 28th at the Echo, where they’ll be playing the first ever Play Like a Girl showcase presented by KROQ Locals Only.

     “Green” by Night Talks

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