Tuesday, May 17, 2016

“Over the River” by Ardyn – A Song Review

     Ardyn are sister/brother twins Katy and Rob Pearson from Gloucestershire, UK. Their latest single, “Over the River,” begins with an uncomplicated three-note/four-note piano alternation that is quickly joined by Katy’s voice and then guitars.  
     Quoting the email submission:
"Drawing on a fascination of peoples’ passing conversations and creating a world around a sound bite, Katy says of ‘Over The River,' 'I wanted to imagine a couple’s conversation and the problems they were having in their relationship while transforming it into something visual linking to the natural world.' The songs that Ardyn have unleashed to date all share in a similarly opaque ebb and flow, marrying light and shade. The effect is mesmerising and 'Over The River' is the pair’s most purposeful stride yet."

     “Over the River” by Ardyn

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