Sunday, May 1, 2016

“Faraway Eyes” by Aloha – A Song Review

     On May 6, Aloha will release their 10-track album entitled “Little Windows Cut Right Through.” It may change, but our current favorite track is “Faraway Eyes.” Is that a xylophone at the 1:33 mark? Regardless, it’s an attractive feature. Is that an LCD Soundsystem influence supporting the “never enough” lyrics, for example at the 2:00 mark? Regardless, it has a drive. Is it intentional that a band called Aloha includes tropical sounding guitars at 2:34? Doesn’t matter, the crisp guitar is appealing.

     The band members are distributed, but the band can claim Cleveland, Ohio as a hometown. The members are Tony Cavallario (vocals, organ, guitar), Cale Parks (vocals, drums, piano), Matthew Gengler (bass), and T.J. Lipple (percussion, keys).
     “Faraway Eyes” by Aloha

It isn't fair let these quiet streets
Could be the rule of raveling
And there's no one to tell, so you tell everyone
Don't know how it is, so you fail into yourself
Deeper you go, the safer it gets

Faraway eyes, I see everything once
Faraway eyes, everything it ever was
Won't be good enough
Never enough
Never enough

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