Sunday, May 22, 2016

“This Year” by Ine Hoem – A Song Review

     After praising the album from Highasakite, it’s easy to transition to Ine Hoem’s “This Year.” She is also based in Oslo, Norway, and the song includes a flugabone played by Kristoffer Lo of Highasakite. But the voice and lyrics of Hoem make the song blogworthy and cause us to question why it took us so long to discover its beauty.

     The lyrics are included below, after some best guesses. The song is a story of best intentions that were not actuated. The instruments include Lo’s flugabone and a skilled use of the metallic rims of multiple drums.
     “This Year” by Ine Hoem

     The song in a live setting.

Lyrics of “This Year” by Ine Hoem
This was the year
I would finish a book
I was going to live
A Bohemian life in Berlin

And this was the year
I was redecorating my kitchen,
My bedroom, my bathroom
And everything in... side.

This was the year
My life would change
And all of the chaos
Would fall... into haze

This was the year
I would start on a diet
And eat very healthy
While reading the magazines... thorough.

And this was the year
I would write a whole book about life,
How I see it
And they would all think I was... smart.

And this was the year
I would play on TV
I would talk to the host about life
And the hard times last year.

And this was the year
I would tour in the States
I would live in New York buy new clothes,
And drink wine every day.

This was the year
I would make it.
But this became the year... I was faking it
Everything stays the same.

The life that we're living.
I want to move to Paris
With hours to be with my lover,
My lover, my loved one; beloved, beloved, beloved one

I want to tell him I love him
I want to ride on a horse in the sunset
With my beloved beloved beloved one
beloved beloved beloved one.

This was the year 
I would marry,
Have kids, 
Buy a house.. with a garden

And this was the year
I would cook everyday
I would travel the world
Talk to strangers and friends.

Be a lover, a wife, a mother, a friend.
And everything would turn out perfect in the end
In the end
In the end.

Oh I thought I had changed,
But nothing has changed
Everything stays the same.

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