Friday, May 20, 2016

“Camp Echo” by Highasakite – An Album Review

     Highasakite released the nine-track album “Camp Echo.” Reading through the song titles leads to a mistaken conclusion that the band is in a dark place. “My Mind Is a Bad Neighborhood,” “I Am My Own Disease” and “My Name Is Liar” are good candidates for titles of unreleased Nirvana songs recorded prior to Kurt Cobain’s death.
     There is at least one song that can be described as “dark,” but when the album is considered as a whole, the word is not helpful. “Goldilocks Zone” is more fitting. But as opposed to judging food, chairs or beds, the scale is whether the songs on “Camp Echo” are sufficiently distinctive while not being too dissimilar. The judgment is that the differencing is “just right.” The songs are varied, but not to the degree that Highasakite ever depart from the characteristics that cause their fans to impatiently wait for each new opportunity to hear or see the Norwegian band. Most importantly, the female vocals shine through during all nine tracks.
     Yes, “Chernobyl” is haughty and dark. On the opposite end to the spectrum is “Deep Sea Diver,” with its emphasis in the Electronica genre. The song is synth-driven and almost dance-ready. Then, there’s the percussion-driven “My Mind Is a Bad Neighborhood.” All good songs, but our two preferred tracks are “Someone Who´ll Get It” and “Golden Ticket” (if you’re interested, reviews of the two songs can be found by “clicking on” either “SOMEONE WHO’LL GET ME” or “GOLDEN TICKET”). The nine tracks on the album are:
1. “My Name Is Liar”
2. “Samurai Swords”
3. “Someone Who´ll Get It”
4. “My Mind Is a Bad Neighborhood”
5. “God Don’t Leave Me”
6. “I Am My Own Disease”
7. “Golden Ticket”
8. “Deep Sea Diver”
9. “Chernobyl”

     Without hesitation, we recommend a purchase of “Camp Echo.” And having seen Highasakite in concert, we are equally strong in our recommendation of grabbing any chance to see the band. Highasakite opened for London Grammar in 2014 during a visit to San Francisco (some pictures are included at the bottom of this post). Now armed with an even stronger discography, Highasakite are scheduled as headliners in a European/U.S. tour. The full tour is viewable at CLICK HEREOne stop will be at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on Friday September 16. 

      “Someone Who´ll Get It”

     “Golden Ticket”

Pictures taken during Highasakite’s performance in San Francisco in March 2014 (honest, we have a better camera now):

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