Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tour de Comradres 2016 - Noisetrade Tuesday

    Until our library of Noisetrade recommendations is exhausted, most Tuesdays will feature a Noisetrade offer of songs available for the price of an email address. The offers of free downloads help spread the word. Typically, the offers are limited to a set period of time or a set number of downloads, so don’t wait. A valid email address is required, but Noisetrade does not use the address for reasons unrelated to music. Tips are appreciated.

     This week’s recommendation is tour-specific. TOUR DE COMPADRES was founded in 2015 by NEEDTOBREATHE. This year, the compadres include Mat Kearney, John Mark McMillan (Leg 1), Parachute (Leg 2), and Welshly Arms. The songs on the Noisetrade offer include “Wanted Man,” which finishes with a cover of Modest Mouse’s “Float On.” Is that a theremin that provides the interstellar sound? 
     Information about the Tour of Compadres is available at http://www.tourdecompadres.com

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