Thursday, May 12, 2016

“Starting All Over Again” by The Sadies – Throwback Thursday

Contributor: Clark G.

     The Sadies are an Alt Country group from Toronto, Canada. Their distinctive sound is a fusion of Country and Western, 50's Rock 'n Roll, and Surf music. The members are Dallas and Travis Good on guitars, Sean Dean on bass and Mike Belitsky on drums. "Starting All Over Again" is from their 2013 album "Internal Sounds."
     What first attracted me to the song were the guitars - twangy Country Rock, reminiscent of the 70's band, The Outlaws.  This sound alternates with the vocals for the first part of the song and ends with Ventures-style surf guitar, that I wish could go on longer.
     The strength of the band is the guitar prowess of Dallas and Travis. That should come as no surprise, as from an early age the brothers benefited from the tutelage of their father, Bruce,  and uncles, Brian and Larry.  All were members of the Country Rock group, The Good Brothers.
     In addition to recording 12 albums since 1994, The Sadies are best known for being the back-up band to Neko Case on the live album "And the Tigers Have Spoken."  They also joined with Gord Downie, of the band Tragically Hip on the 2014 album "And the Conquering Sun."

     If you're interest and you're in the area, The Sadies will be at The Great American Music Hall, SF, on June 8th (for ticket information CLICK HERE).

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