Tuesday, March 21, 2017

“Wolves Or Foxes” by Edwin Raphael – A Song Review

     There are guitar outputs that immediately have our attention, regardless of the tune being played. The guitar of The Cure (Robert Smith’s) is the guitar output that provides our easiest example. It’s a combination of the characteristics of the instrument, the processing of the signals from the instrument, and the style of the guitarist.
      We are fans of the song ”1904” by The Tallest Man on Earth. The electric guitar takes a backseat to the acoustic guitar, so our enjoyment is disproportionately large for its limited role. Perhaps that is the reason the track “Wolves Or Foxes” immediately grabbed our attention. Melodically, the low profile electric guitars are fundamentally different during the two tracks. But the characteristics of the two guitar outputs have much in common. We wondered if the two songs shared a guitarist. It’s unlikely, since The Tallest Man on Earth (aka, Kristian Matsson) is based in Sweden, while Edwin Raphael claims Canada as his homeland. The Facebook page of Raphael reads, ”Edwin Raphael; an emerging Montreal-based artist just started making waves with his uniquely detuned sounding guitars.” Detuned sounding guitars?

     The Facebook page identifies the band members as the Edwin Raphael (vocals, guitar), Jacob Liutkus (backing vocals, guitar, keys, synth), Charles Desroches (guitar, synth), and Marc Desjardins (sound engineer).
     “Wolves Or Foxes” by Edwin Raphael 

     “1904” by The Tallest Man on Earth


  1. Wow very interesting music and i know those people are hear it everybody are love it. I also like to singing this song with my new guitar but i don't it perfectly.