Friday, January 13, 2023

“Bad Habits” by WellBad – A Song Feature


     Much like the voice of George Thorogood, the vocals from Wellbad signal hands-on experience for discussions relating to bad habits. Watching videos of live performances by Wellbad adds to the credibility of that conclusion.
     Wellbad is scheduled to release a 14-track album on March 3, 2023. Today, the title track of the “Bad Habits” album was shared by the band. The single is polished and yet gritty. The sound is a unique blend of Rock and Blues, and most closely aligned with Chicago Blues. Sure, but the band is from Hamburg, Germany. The members of WellBad are Daniel Welbat (vocals, guitars), Arne Vogeler (lead guitar), Stefan Reich (bass), Yonathan Ghebretensae (keyboards, piano), and Jonas vom Orde (drums).
     The band is on its “Bad Habits Tour.” For dates and ticket information, visit Wellbad intends to add a Canadian leg to the tour. Ideally, they will look to U.S. visits as well.
      While talking about the upcoming “Bad Habits” album, frontman Daniel Welbat said, “This album saved my life and nearly destroyed it at the same time.” Like many other artists, the pandemic and its lockdowns brought the Hamburg native to his knees, mentally speaking. Isolated from the rest of the world, Welbat took an unfiltered look at what is commonly referred to as “bad habits.” He added, “It hurts like hell, but these bad habits, those little everyday sins, ultimately make us who we are – human beings! And that’s a good thing.” Armed with a crate of whiskey and a suitcase full of cigars, the songwriter set off on a musical meditation of sorts. The result was “Bad Habits” – surely his most personal of the band's five album to date.
     “Bad Habits” by WellBad

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