Thursday, January 19, 2023

“Infinity Song” by Robin Kester – A Song Feature


     The first half of “Infinity Song” is best characterized by its energy and vocal strength. The song from Robin Kester goes into a brief Dream mode and exits with a guitar that interestingly does not have a focus on either melody or energy. The guitar the starts at 2:24 is more aligned with Psych Rock. Thus, “Infinity Song” is a genre bender/blender that has something for many different tastes without sounding anything like a sellout.
     “Infinity Song” is the third song from Robin Kester’s debut album “Honeycomb Shades,” which comes out on February 24th. In an explanation of the single, she said:
  "’Infinity song’ came about during a time where I was still trying to wrap my head around a series of events that happened in a relatively short time span and had really shaken me: my uncle’s untimely death, news that my dad had an incurable illness, and the covid pandemic. Things had irrevocably changed, and I was trying to find ways to accept this new reality on the one hand and feeling more nostalgic than ever as a counter reaction to this. Both feelings seeped into the writing process, resulting in infinity song."
     Robin Kester is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The credits for the instrumentation on “Infinity Song” are Robin Kester (vocals, synths, guitar), Marien Dorleijn (hurdy-gurdy, piano, programming, percussion), Michiel Stam (guitar), Sam van Hoogstraten (guitar), Thijs Visscher (bass guitar), Joep van Osch (drums, percussion), and Ali Chant (piano).
     “Infinity Song” by Robin Kester

Lyrics of “Infinity Song” by Robin Kester
Infinite time, come back
What is going on
I was in the car
Going somewhere else
When they called
With the news
What is going on
Drawn to a distant light
Too many cups of coffee
Lay awake in bed that night
I guess I am ungrateful
Because I don’t really care
For a short-lived reprieve
When nothing’s really changed
Just postponed
What is going on
I don’t even know
Where to begin

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