Tuesday, January 17, 2023

"The Hymn Of Ten Lives" by The Check Marks – A Song Feature


     The Check Marks were founded by Check Scaringi (also known as Pieter ter Veen). He was born in New Jersey, but now resides in the Netherlands. The band records in Okapi Recordings in Rotterdam. The other members are Jan Pohl, Judith Renkema, Julien Graute, and Erwin Tuijl.
     On December 16, 2022, The Check Marks released the album “Broken Yoga Dolls.” They describe their sound as “classic and nostalgic pop-rock sound and lyrics that cut straight to the hear.” Our favorite single from the album is "The Hymn Of Ten Lives." It’s a song about finally letting a relationship go. The lyrics are included in this post.
     "The Hymn Of Ten Lives" by The Check Marks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecheckmarks
Website: https://www.thecheckmarks.com/
Lyrics of "The Hymn Of Ten Lives" by The Check Marks
100 ways, 100 days
We set our trap and threw it all way
I really wish that I could stay
Solitude, alone can drive the pain away
I miss you now and I missed you then
Now I'll miss you most to find myself again
I finally learned why I am crying
Is this a dream or am I dying?
Ten loves, ten lives
Is it real or is it a lie?
I wish that I didn't have to go
I wish that I didn't have to know
I did the work, I put in the time
Put love and life all on the line
Taught myself how to survive
Want to see the ocean and take a dive
It's not only me, we both know
You have to grow, to become hole
Just like me you're hurt inside
True love comes round we run and hide
My whiskey bottle is empty now
I drank the lies till I puked them out
What is ego and what is mine?
I'll work real hard and the truth I'll find
Isolated and alone
I wish for once that I could come home
But home to where God only knows
I hope you're there with your polished toes
Your smile, your lips, your shiny eyes
Maybe we won't have to wait ten more lives
But not for now, I hate to say
The game of life on full display
Last night, I dreamed of you
You were in a house on a hill
Your light shone brighter than before
Your happiness couldn't be ignored
Couldn't see his face, but there was a man
You hugged him tight, you held his hand
I didn't know and I felt peace
Finally let go, finally released
There is light where there was dark before
Had to run, had to hide, had to close a door
Our love is real you are in my core
Turn the key and receive what love and life have in store

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