Friday, January 27, 2023

“Worthy” by KIDS – A Song Feature


      The guitar riff at the start of “Worthy” lacks complexity, but not personality and not compatibility with both the spoken-word start or the melodic vocals that follow. Later in the song from KIDS, an uncomplicated piano plays the role of the guitar, but this time during band vocals confessing their unworthiness (starting at 1:35). In comparison, “Worthy” addresses meaningful subject matter and also includes segments with skillfully layered instrumentation.
      KIDS are a five-member band from Kentish Town, North London. Lyrically, “Worthy” begins with low-resolution spoken-word vocals. The purpose might be to distinguish the selfless concern for his “sweetheart”/”queen” from the more self-consumed description that follows. KIDS explain:
  "’Worthy’ is an admission of guilt to the negative aspects of masculinity. It talks about the self-destructive side of dating without an end goa l- not being ready to commit and in the process hurting yourself and others around you because of your own insecurities. It is a discussion on masculinity, how a lot of men are taught to fight through their problems without fixing or resolving the issues that cause them."
     The melody of “Worthy” is upbeat and sunny, despite functioning as a vehicle for a lyrical passenger that is honest but sullen. The song is the title track of a four-track EP from KIDS. The EP is embedded in this post. The core of KIDS is Beau Blaise and Alex Harvey, who identify themselves as live-long friends. Older pictures of the band show a total of six members - Shaq Noir (guitar), Jessica Walker (bass), Rory Bett (keys), and Anoushka (drums). It appears that Bett is the member not included in the more recent band pictures.  
     It is not possible to pigeon-hole the sound of KIDS. For example, the song “Night Bus” is melodically and vocally calming. A common thread through the songs is the subject of early breakups and growing up. KIDS are signed with Scruff of the Neck Records and are represented by Longevity PR. They are scheduled to headline a show at Camden Assembly on March 16th (for ticket information, CLICK HERE).
     “Worthy” by KIDS

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