Wednesday, January 11, 2023

“Miles” by Maximiliano – A Song Feature


     As every music lover knows, a well-crafted song possesses the power to transport a listener to past experiences, distant locations, or alternative emotions. For “Miles,” the travel is to an emotional state; the song from Maximiliano infuses a darkness, but it is a welcomed darkness.
     The voice of Maximiliano is empowering and motivating in its unflinching determination. There is an emotional energy that is infectious. The lyrics are introspective and intelligent. Our favorite verse begins just before the one-minute mark: “All the same faces, different places… I think. Have I been here before? Are we in different… skins.” Maximiliano explains:
  “’Miles’ was written in the desert of Chihuahua while I was surrounded with strangers yet familiar faces. Felt like we were searching for a reason to make sense of it. Maybe a distant relative, or mutual friend would explain our similarities. They were all there. There was a me there. There was also a you there. Life has truly blessed me by giving me time with these amazing musicians. Can't wait to see where their journeys take them.”
      The connection to the Chihuahua desert is interesting, since the instrumentation in “Miles” has characteristics of some of the best scores from Spaghetti Westerns. While Chihuahua is in Mexico rather than Italy, the terrain is similar. We particularly enjoy the guitar that enters seconds after the 3-minute mark and that ends in a Spaghetti-like fashion at 3:35.
     Maximiliano is Max Martinez. His bio is “A border musician, Maximiliano likes cheese, fruits, and berries.” He intends to release a song each month. He playfully boasts of “Miles,” “I'll even say it’s probably the best song you've ever heard until next month’s release comes out.”
     “Miles” by Maximiliano

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