Friday, January 20, 2023

“Low Lying Sun” by Low Lying Sun – A Song Feature


     The charisma carried in the vocals of “Low Lying Sun” absorbs the attention during the initial listening opportunities of the song. So, a fair evaluation is difficult without repeatedly replaying the single from the UK band that shares the song’s name. The emotional vulnerability that is apparent in the vocal inflections is enhanced by the instruments and by melodic features.
     The guitar that is first heard around the 52-second mark is anguished. It enters after the question “But did you mean it?” and wanders for almost ten seconds before a new verse begins. The wandering guitar is repeated two minutes later, perhaps ironically after “But I don’t mean it.” “Low Lying Sun” effectively uses a crescendo and instrumental variations to maintain the interest in and increase the impact of the single.
      The band explains that the song led to the naming of the band:
  "’Low Lying Sun’ was the first song we wrote together as a band. We were messing around writing and the song came together really quickly and laid down the foundations of what we wanted the band to sound like. Once we’d written a few more songs we were trying to think of a name for the project and it felt right that we should be named after the seminal track."
     The story sidetracked us into considering other eponymous songs. Some of the more well-known songs are “Black Sabbath,” “Green Day,” “Bo Diddley,” “Iron Maiden” and “Bad Company.” We wish Low Lying Sun success comparable to the bands associated with those songs.
     The band is based in Essex, UK and is formed of Michael Hemmings (vocals, guitar), Ross Connell (guitar), Matt Chan (bass), and Noah Booth (drums). Low Lying Sun is scheduled to release the EP “Did You Mean It?” on February 17, 2023. The single “Low Lying Sun” will be among the tracks on the EP. The sound of the band is described as lively and introspective, combining ambitious orchestrations, earnest storytelling, and an energy that feels at once both fresh and timeless.
     “Low Lying Sun” by Low Lying Sun

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