Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three for Free – The Classics

     When you have IADD (Indie Attention Dis-obsessive Disorder), songs that are only a year old are sometimes considered “classics.”  It is typical to discover a band, become so obsessive in listening to the songs of the newly discovered band that they are repeated using the loop mode, but then undeservedly leave the band behind as other bands are discovered. The five songs in the right-hand column are currently in that obsessive play condition. Below are songs from three bands which are still visited by us, but which no longer receive the amount of play they deserve. All of the songs are being offered without charge by the bands or their recording labels, making them Free, Legal and Recommended downloads (FLR downloads).

     The first song is by Maps and Atlases. We went to the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco in 2012 to see this Chicago-based quintet. The guitar play is worth the price of admission, when one or two of the guitarists use both hands on the guitar neck and ignore the body of the instrument. It is impressive. The members are Shiraz Dada (bass), Dave Davison (guitar/vocals), Chris Hainey (drums), Erin Elders (guitar). Maps and Atlases will perform in Santa Cruz on April 25th (at The Catalyst Atrium) and in San Francisco on April 26th (at Rickshaw Stop).
     “Fever” by Maps and Atlases.

If your browser does not show the FLR download CLICK FOR FREE DOWNLOAD

     Another band that we were able to see in San Francisco in 2012 was Hey Rosetta!. They opened for Gomez at the Fillmore. Hey Rosetta! is a Canadian band (Newfoundland) that is able to put together a good mixture of male and female vocals, as can be heard in the second of their two songs.
     “Yer Spring” by Hey Rosetta!

     “Carry Me Home” by Hey Rosetta!

If your browser does not show the FLR download CLICK FOR FREE DOWNLOAD

     The third band is one we look forward to seeing in concert, but haven’t yet. Tapes ‘n Tapes is a quintet from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our favorite song by the band is “Freak Out."
     “Freak out” by Tapes ‘n Tapes

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