Friday, May 30, 2014

From Australia via the Mailbox

     We’re not sure what we did to deserve this. Whatever it was, we wanna repeat it. Recently, the Indie Obsessive mailbox has been receiving very strong submissions from Australian artists. The latest are from Husband and Mammals.  

     Husband is primarily Michael Paolino, but the Facebook page also identifies Seb Kane (bass), Darrell Sundai (drums), Anneke de Rooij (keys) and Connor Gamble (guitar) as contributors. The song “Caught” is the first single from the debut album to be released in late 2014. Much of the work on the ten-track album took place in Los Angeles, where Paolino cooperated with producer Rick Parker. For the song "Caught," in addition to the baritone vocals, Paolino played the guitar, bass, piano and organ. 
     Husband is based in Perth, Australia, In addition to "Caught," two songs from a 2011 EP are included below.
     "Caught" by Husband

     "Come Home" by Husband

     "Ordinary" by Husband

Bandcamp: “Caught” is currently a free download

     Mammals is the performance name of Guy Brown of Sydney, Australia. According to the email invitation to consider his song “Circles,” it is the first single from his forthcoming EP “Anamalia,” which will be released July 18.
Mammals identifies “Circles” as being “flowing Indie Chill.” Since there is a relaxation that comes with listening to the song, even during the guitar-focused portion that starts at the one-minute mark of “Circles,” we agree. 
     "Circles" by Mammals

     "Move Slower" by Mammals

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