Monday, October 20, 2014

Treasure Island Music Festival – Day Two

     Below are our top songs from the second day of the Treasure Island Music Festival. If you ask other attendees, their lists will be different. In fact, the list of someone else might not have one song that overlaps ours. That's an indication of a good festival.
     Because of priorities, we decided to split attendance of the Treasure Island festival between two of us, so that we could then compare notes. In the end, we agreed that it was an experience we would like to repeat next year. There are two stages and both have sound systems with good fidelity even at high volumes. Getting a good vantage point was much easier than at the other San Francisco festivals. The shuttle system was efficient. And the scenery was often spectacular – the sunset, the ability to watch a band with the San Francisco Pyramid (the Transamerican building) over the shoulder of a guitarist, Alcatraz Island …



White Denim


TV on the Radio

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