Saturday, October 25, 2014

Secret Road Releases Another “As Heard on TV”

     Sometimes when you’re watching an episode of a weekly television series, a song will start playing that causes you to become more emotionally invested in the scene. There are people who are exceptional at selecting the appropriate Indie music for a television show. The best example may be Danny Lux of Grey’s Anatomy. If you have time to watch a series of unrelated examples of the value-add that music brings to television, watch the clip at the bottom of this post. If you only have time to see one within the series, watch the last one, which is from Grey's Anatomy (starting at the 9:23 mark).
     Secret Road accumulated its third collection of television-inserted songs from artists that it manages. The songs are currently available as a Noisetrade download, which means they can be obtained for the price of an email address and a postal code (although tips are appreciated).

     Below are:
1. The embedded Noisetrade offer.
2. The list of songs and the television programs on which they “appeared.”
3. Soundcloud versions of some of the songs we recommend (since Soundcloud allows you to skip around, while the Noisetrade sampling does not).
4. The clip of other television-inserted songs as used by programs. 

1. FARMDALE - "Celebrate" (from CBS's Criminal Minds)
2. Distant Cousins - "Raise It Up" (from Esquire's Best Bars In America)
3. Amy Stroup - "Back Burner" (from MTV's Happyland)
4. Young Summer - "Fever Dream" (from ABC's Mistresses)
5. Arum Rae - "Warranted Queen" (from MTV's Happyland)
6. Barcelona - "Background" (from The CW's Vampire Diaries)
7. Tom Jordan - "Something So Hard To Find" (from MTV's Teen Mom)
8. Matthew Mayfield - "Quiet Lies" (from The CW's Star-Crossed)
9. Zerbin - "Lift" (from Lifetime's True Tori)
10. Jules Larson (feat. AG)- "Worry Is A Wasteland" (from ABC's Mistresses)
11. Dresses - "Sun Shy" (from ABC Family's Switched At Birth)
12. Secret Nation - "Watch Us Burn"

     "Fever Dream" by Young Summer

     "Watch Us Bern" by Secret Nation

     "Quiet Lies" by Matthew Mayfield - the fidelity is weaker in this Soundcloud version, than on the Noisetrade download. But this gives you the feel for his "darker" Dave Matthews' sound.

     "Lift" by Zerbin

Reel - Film & TV from Lynn Grossman on Vimeo.

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