Sunday, October 12, 2014

The War on Drugs at the Fillmore – A Concert Review

     Bottom line concert review – If you appreciate highly skilled guitar performances, the Fillmore was the place to be when The War on Drugs paid its visit.
     The below review was contributed by Ryan G.

     The War on Drugs took the stage following a stripped down, workmanlike performance by opening act, Cass McCombs. It was a sharp contrast, to say the least, as their sound absolutely soared in comparison. Hazy synths, brass swells, an echoing snare and dollops of reverb all combined to put a dreamy, psychedelic coat on an Americana/Folk base. It is a big, big sound with clear nods to Springsteen, Dylan and Dire Straits. 
     Though seemingly soft spoken and not much for stage banter, front man Adam Granduciel commanded the audience’s attention throughout the set with his guitar wizardry, piercing vocals and an occasional strategically placed howl. It was the guitar, however,  that was front and center through most of the night as song after song climaxed in an epic solo. At times it seemed the guitar solo has fallen out of favor but try telling that to the audience that packed the Fillmore. 
     The floorboards shook from the first song to the last. Guitar heroics aside, the quality of the songs was always clear to be seen and the enthusiastic delivery, coupled with that big, big sound in an intimate setting, made for a memorable performance. Lost in the Dream tracks “Under the Pressure” and “An Ocean In Between the Waves” were highlights on the night.
     “Under the Pressure”

     “An Ocean In Between the Waves”

     “Red Eyes"

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