Wednesday, October 8, 2014

“Reverie” by Once Were Wild – A Song Review

This is a contribution from Karen M.
          “Reverie” by the Australian band Once Were Wild is mesmerizing, just as the lyrics suggest.  This song has been on constant repeat, so that I can continue to be transported by the lush, transcendent vocals of Alana Porter. “Reverie” has a haunting yearning quality to it and the pace changes are perfection, seemingly mimicking internal struggles and the desires of wanting. Check out 2:33 where words are paused and the bandmates take over in all of their splendor before Alana resumes transporting the listener, timing her return with her powerful pure voice and the lyrics “you came back.” Alana also selects some words and plays with them, creating slight pauses in between them, which creates a unique and incredibly enjoyable listening experience. Once Were Wild is currently in the studio working on their debut EP ‘Dreamfield’ which is projected for release in February 2015.
     The members of Once Were Wild are Alana Porter (vocals), Georgia Fell (guitar), Sean Henry (bass), Renee Morgan (drums) and Andrew Whittle (keys/synth).

     “Reverie” by Once Were Wild (currently, the song is offered as a free download)

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