Friday, October 3, 2014

“Curtains” by Vita Bergen – A Song Review

     In the original television series “Twilight Zone,” host Rod Sterling would start some episodes with the phrase “Picture if you will…” Borrowing from Mr. Sterling, picture if you will, a universe in which you love the final portion of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up,” but you aren’t as fond of the first four minutes. Sure, the first part has its interesting moments and is never even close to plug-your-ears bad, but the almost four minutes is too long to wait. It’s the combination of piano and vocals during the final 1:43 that makes “Wake Up” what it is.
     Into that universe come Vita Bergen and the song “Curtains.” The song also has a first portion without the highly appreciated combination of piano and vocals, but “Curtains” has a beginning portion that is a little shorter and a litle less melodramatic.
     Vita Bergen is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The core members are William Hellström and Robert Jallinde, who are joined during live performances by Bénédicte Piauger, Jakob Kullberg, Andreas Jallinder, Hampus Bergh, Dan Augustsson and Gustaf Gunér.

    “Curtains” by Vita Bergen

     “Wake Up" by Arcade Fire

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