Tuesday, October 14, 2014

“Promises” by Ménage – A Song Review

     If you enjoy the more sophisticated era of Cyndi Lauper’s music (post “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”), you will enjoy the recent EP release by Ménage. And if you enjoyed the original version of “Promises” by Ménage, you might agree with us that “Promises II” is even better. Ménage released their self-titled EP, which applies a much more equitable formula to the use of male and female vocals, as compared to earlier releases.
     Ménage is a band that includes two brothers and a sister. The brothers are Basilio Fernando Ferreira (guitar and vocals) and Gabriel Ferreira (drums/percussion). The sister is Béla Ferreira (keys and vocals). During their childhood, the Ferreira siblings traveled between Toronto, Canada and a small town in Portugal. As adults, each attempted to establish a music career, and they experienced mixed success. They have since joined forces in Los Angeles, although a look at their tour schedule evidences serious emphasis on Toronto performances.
     In addition to the three siblings, the Facebook page of Ménage identifies Elliot Boult (guitar) and Dave Haskett (bass) as members of the band.

     So, why is “Promises II” by Ménage better than “Promises” by Ménage? Well, Indie Obsessive counts:
     1. The combination of the male and female vocals. The combination doesn’t fit within the definition of a “blend,” since the two voices don’t often merge into a single sound. With only occasional exceptions, Béla’s voice is intrinsically distinctive from that of her brother. But the “non-blend” works well in “Promises II.”
     2.The Cyndi Lauper characteristics of Béla’s voice in this song.
     3.The short-string guitar picking, particularly at the start of the song.
     5.The use of a glockenspiel.

      “Promises” by Ménage

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