Wednesday, October 8, 2014

“Chrysalis” by The Cold Start – A Song Review

     There are times when a music enthusiast experiences an excitement for a band while hearing a song for the first time. What does it take for a breakout? Well, our answer would include the need for that one song that grabs listeners with enough force to lead them to the earlier and subsequent offerings from the band. There are too many bands we feel are deserving of more recognition than they receive, but they lack “that one song.”  
      Yesterday, we opened an email submission from “Dan” and listened to a song entitled “Chrysalis.”  And we experienced an excitement for The Cold Start. Dan’s last name is Smith and he is a member of The Cold Start.
     For posts about a particular song, Indie Obsessive often identifies a favorite aspect of the song. It is difficult to do so with “Chrysalis.” At the 31 second mark, the falsetto foreshadows the vocal strength of The Cold Start. Instrument transitions work well in helping to prevent the song from growing stale (for example, the piano-to-guitar transition at the 1:42 mark). And the energy shifts are executed well (for example, the combination of vocal and instrument “shifts” at the 1:57 mark). But as much as we enjoy the first portion of the song, that enjoyment is dwarfed by our enthusiasm for the portion that begins at about 3:26, when the lyrics get out of the way and the song gains the feel of a high power vehicle on a rescue mission.

     Hey Dan, keep us on your radar and let us know if The Cold Start heads to California on tour.

    The members of The Cold Start are Lloyd Williams (vocals, rhythm guitar and keys) Daniel Smith (bass and vocals), Adam Cardy (percussion), and Nicholas Taylor (lead guitar). According to the band’s Facebook page, “The UK natives’ 3 year journey as companions and bandmates, has taken them from their homeland of England, to the United States. Residing in Los Angeles before journeying across the US, finally finding a home, in Florida.”

     “Chrysalis” by The Cold Start

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