Friday, October 17, 2014

Osca Teams with The Night VI

     Osca and The Night VI are two bands that Indie Obsessive respects. “Thinking of You” by The Night VI was within the Top 20 songs in our Best of 2013. “Blood” by Osca is likely to find itself somewhere in the list of top songs of 2014. Well, the two bands combined forces in a remake of “Blood.” The audio mixing could be improved upon, but the band performances certainly live up to expectations. The addition of a strong female voice to a song we already enjoyed was an unanticipated treat.
     The Night VI is a six-member group with ties to the U.K. and France. The lead voice is that of Sophie-Rose Harper and the other members are Jack Gourlay, Anna Pesquidous, Bo Morgan, Kristy Buglass and Bogart Giner. Osca is based in London and is comprised of Jack Kenworthy, Dom Potts, Sean Reilly, and  Alex Johnson.

     "Blood" by Osca with The Night VI

     In addition to the remake of “Blood,” Osca recently released “Around the Bends.” The segment of the song that stands out for us begins at the 1:07 mark. At that point, the lyrics refer to “And the water,” followed by a sound similar to a water spray and then a sustained guitar note.
     “Around the Bends"

          "Thinking of You" by The Night VI

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