Sunday, October 26, 2014

Someone Correlated “Intelligence“ with Band Preferences

     This dream cage challenge pits Beyoncé and Lil Wayne against Adam Duritz and  Thom Yorke (of Counting Crows and Radiohead, respectively). The argument is whether Facebook is a credible source of information in determining which musical artists/bands appeal to the more intellectually gifted and which appeal to the less gifted.
     Virgil Griffith of Caltech generated his correlation between intelligence, as measured by SAT scores, and musical preferences, as measured by the top 10 indications of “favorite music” at the Facebook sites of 133 colleges. Virgil recognizes that the process is not bullet proof. In fact, he states, “The results are hilarity incarnate regardless of causality.”
      Additional information regarding the process is available at

     The results are charted below. The chart will increase in size if you “click” on the image. The relevant information is presented left-to-right, with higher SAT scores being to the right. The top-to-bottom ordering is not meaningful.
     To see if your preferred college was part of the study and, if so, which were the top ten songs of that college, go to

     We enjoyed seeing Pearl Jam in concert last night. I guess we have average intelligence.

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