Thursday, October 9, 2014

“Shoulder” by The Mispers – A Song Review

     Indie Obsessive has featured The Mispers in a number of blog posts. The appreciation for their music has not lessened. However, with each additional post about the London-based band, it becomes more difficult to state anything that might be insightful. So, we’ll merely repeat a statement made awhile back: There are very few bands we would travel 100 miles to see on a work/school night, and it’s possible that The Mispers are the only one.
     The Mispers released another track, “Shoulder.” The quivering vocalization that is distinctive of the band’s “sound” is front and center. The interplay between the rhythm and lead guitars continues to be a major contributor to the attractiveness of their songs. But compared to earlier releases from The Mispers, “Shoulder” has a greater emphasis on band vocals.    
     The members of The Mispers are Jack Balfour Scott (lead vocals), Joey Arnold Zapata (rhythm guitar, vocals), Diego Porto Belmonte (lead guitar), Hannah Van Den Brul (violin, vocals), Jordan Grispino (drums).

     “Shoulder” by The Mispers

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