Monday, October 13, 2014

Late Night Performances and Objectionable Commercials

     If we had better voices, we would sing the praises of opportunities to become familiar with bands by paying attention to the scheduled musical guests on late night television. Weekly, the column to the left of this post is updated to include the week’s schedule for the U.S. shows that regularly include Indie bands.
     Last week, two performances stood out for us. One was the visit of Glass Animals to Seth Meyers. Admittedly, Indie Obsessive was not a fan until watching the performance. There are three members, but they don’t generate much sound. There is only one guitar and in their interesting song, “Gooey,” it seems to be more of a prop than an instrument. However, frontman Dave Bayley certainly has charisma.

     The other interesting late night visit was Hatsune Miku to David Letterman. It’s a blend of live instrument performance, sampled vocalization, and virtualized presentation.

     Particularly if you hang with sports fans, it is not shocking to hear someone loudly say “No” to a television. We find ourselves doing exactly that for a sudden rash (rashes are irritating) of commercials that seem to promote holding cell phones as high as possible during concerts. Yes, the music is more important than the line of sight for people behind you, but vision is important too.

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