Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost-Related Songs

     The goal was to comb through the possible sources (memory, music library and Internet) for songs related to "ghost," so that the top ten songs could be posted on Halloween Day. As it turned out, the comb didn’t have teeth (a less than cleaver way of saying time ran out). Still, we have a bunch that we like.

     "Goodbye" by Rocket & the Ghost

     "Ghost in My Life" by Wolf Gang

     "Is There a Ghost" by Band of Horses

     “Slow Knife” by Roadkill Ghost Choir

    Glass Ghost  “Life Is for the Living” by Glass Ghost  (vocally, a little Alt-J)

      “Ghost Town” by Radical Face

     “Sailor” by Guardian Ghost.

      “Take Me to the Fire” by Ghost and Gale

     “In Your Dreams” by Ghost Estates

     "Ghost" by Folly & the Hunter

      “To Catch a Ghost” by Flashes - Currently a free download

     “Ghost” by Ballet School (who are coming  to SF on Sunday (Brick and Mortar))

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