Wednesday, December 17, 2014

“A History of Reasons” by Cairo – A Song Review

     Cairo recently released a video for the title track of their upcoming album. “A History of Reasons” is scheduled to drop on January 20, 2015. The video is primarily a sequence of people walking away. “I’ma packing and you’re leaving on another red-eye, goodbye.” It sounds and appears to be a song about a relationship that has ended, but the singer chants “I'd do it again.”
     There’s a refreshing clarity in the vocals and instruments of “A History of Reasons.” We appreciate the value of reverb and distortion within many of the songs that are featured in posts of Indie Obsessive, but the crisp and clean presentation in the Cairo song is a treat. The individual guitar notes, the entrance of the violin, the words and even the drum beats are distinguishable. Clarity carries some risk, because it is difficult to mask imperfections when trying to duplicate the performance in a live setting, but we are ready to buy our concert ticket in order to enjoy the attempt.
     Cairo is based in Toronto, Canada. Yes, this is another interesting geographically misdescriptive band name. But this one isn’t based in the U.K. (Bastille, Bombay Bicycle Club, Texas, Lisbon…). The members of Cairo are Nate Daniels (Vocals/Guitar), Matt Sullivan (Drums/Percussion), Caitlin Grieve (Strings/Vocals), Dante Berardi Jr. (Guitar/Vocals/Synth) and Joel Dalton (Bass/Key/Synth).

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