Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Best of 2014 Lists That We Recommend

     This post identifies other blogs that assembled “Best of 2014” lists, where we benefitted from those lists. After reviewing as many of the “Best of 2014” posts as we could find, we have a better appreciation for what 2014 had to offer. The Indie Obsessive collection would include more than 62 songs if we were to restart, but we are happy with the collection as it stands (and somewhat proud of certain discoveries, such as The Mispers).

     Here are the lists we recommend:
    1. Of course, the Indie Obsessive list is recommended. It starts at:

     2. Music for Ants
        Top 25 Albums -
     The top album on the list was from Spoon.

         Top 50 Songs -

     3. Pitchfork 
        Top 100 songs -
        Top 50 Albums - - The 2014 album of War on Drugs was ranked third.

         Pitchfork Reader Polls:

     4. A launch point of lists by Triple J Unearthed -

     5. Surviving the Golden Age – Top 50 Songs

     6. Dots & Dashes’ First Transmissions of 2014. This list is Synth Pop-heavy.

     7. Faronheit  Number 15 is “Repeat Pleasure” by How to Dress Well

     8. A Launch point for lists of KEXP

     9. Amazon
        Top 50 Songs CLICK HERE
         Top 50 Albums CLICK HERE

     10. Rolling Stone
         Top 50 Songs CLICK HERE
         Top 50 Albums CLICK HERE

     11. Launch point for lists by the Canadian Music Blog

     12. The Sound of Confusion
        Top 25 Songs 
The top ranked song is “I Won't Leave You in the Dark” by Broken Records. While we enjoy that song, our favorite by Broken Records is “Toska.”

     13. Little Indie Blogs

     14. Wondering Sound  

     15. We Are Going Solo - 20 Albums

     16. The Top 100 Songs of The Bins

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