Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Roadkill Ghost Choir Visit San Francisco – A Concert Review

Contributor: Clark G. 
     For weeks we looked forward to our first visit to The Milk Bar in San Francisco to see Roadkill Ghost Choir. Roadkill is an alternative rock band from Florida with a definite southern influence. Then, on the day of the concert, the worst storm in the last 60 years hit the Bay Area. Everyone told us not to risk the drive from the South Bay. But did we listen? No, and I'm glad we didn't.  We would have missed one of the best experiences in music, the chance to see a great band at a very small venue.

      Walking into The Milk Bar you get the feeling the place could do with a makeover. There's a long bar on the left and plastic covered booths on the right. But in the back, in what feels like a separate room, is a small stage and a dance floor. To see a concert there is like being a special guest at a private performance. At first you might think the acoustics are poor, but in fact, they are quite good and the sound levels were adjusted perfectly.
     Roadkill took the stage at about 10:00 pm, after the very entertaining band "Babes," an alternative rock band from Los Angeles. Roadkill played an assortment of songs from their two albums "In Tongues" and "Beggars Guild." All the songs featured very creative lead guitar arrangements with healthy doses of banjo and steel guitar, and all were anchored by the Tom Petty-like voice of lead singer Andrew Shepard.
     After their performance, the band gathered in the bar to mingle with the small group of people who had braved the weather to see the show. A nice way to end the evening - if you like Southern Rock, definitely check out this band. 
Roadkill Ghost Choir are:
     Andrew Shepard on rhythm guitar and vocals
     Zach Shepard on bass
     Maxx Shepard on drums
     Kiffy Meyers on steel guitar and banjo
     Stephen Garza on lead guitar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roadkillghostchoir
     "Slow Knife" (Note: this song is in the Indie Obsessive Top 25 for 2014.)


     "Down & Out"


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