Monday, December 29, 2014

“Riviera” by Veople – A Song Review

     In terms of preparation, some posts seem to write themselves. Typically, that sentence is appropriate when we are writing about a song that triggered an immediate reaction that is considered blogworthy. On the other hand, for “Riviera” by Veople, the sentence is appropriate because there is so little available about the band and the song. Here’s what we know:
     1. Veople is the Australian duo of Jay Jermyn and Dakota (Matt Powell). They are based in Brisbane. They describe themselves as “Two friends getting together for a weekend to write, record and drink beer.”
     2. The debut single, “Riviera,” was released on December 21, 2014. They describe the song as, “Written and recorded over one weekend with dead mobiles and no internet.” It will be interesting to hear what they will do when they spend more time with a song.

     “Riviera” by Veople

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