Wednesday, December 3, 2014

“This Time” by The Legendary House Cats – A Song Review

     It would be useless to deny it – Indie Obsessive is a fan of songs that give the impression that the song is heading to an end, but then reinitiate. Better yet are songs in which the reinitiating is with an energy that is greater than any earlier portion of the song. But the best songs are the ones in which the higher energy reinitiating is driven by an instrument that wasn’t previously featured.

     Indie Obsessive is a fan of the song “This Time” by The Legendary House Cats. The song fits the “best songs” description in the above paragraph. At the 2:43 mark, the song shifts into a new gear after seemingly heading to a conclusion. 
    The Legendary House Cats is a solo project of John Girgus, who was previously a member of Aberdeen and other bands. He is based in the Los Angeles area.

    “This Time” by The Legendary House Cats - The song is currently available as a free download.

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