Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bird – A Band Review

     According to people who know much more about photography and cinematography than we do, black-and-white imaging is most effective when there is sufficient contrast to allow a person to distinguish features, but with lighting that creates a continuum of gray shades through that contrast. The imaging gives the impression of a monochromatic, often dark, character.
     If you visit the Facebook page or the website of Bird, it is difficult to find anything other than black-and-white photos. That fits well with the music of the Liverpool-based band. The sound is ethereal, so almost by definition it has darkness. But Bird is dynamic, so the sound varies through shades of gray as the band glides through a song. This is perhaps most easily appreciated in the track “The Rain Song,” with its use of heavy percussion that contrasts well with the flowing, melodic vocals.
    The members of Bird are Adele Emmas (lead vocals), Sian Williams (guitar and vocals), Christian Sandford (bass and synth) and Alexis Samata (drums).    

     "The Rain Song" by Bird

     "I Am the Mountain" by Bird

     "A War" by Bird

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