Sunday, December 21, 2014

Folks We Oughta Know – The December Version

     On a semi-regular basis, a post is dedicated to the Indie Folk Genre. Typically, some event triggers the post. That’s not the case here; it’s just overdue.
     “Staying Up” has a musical synergy. That is, if you separate the elements of the song, each one has a relaxed simplicity. The lyrics are thoughtful and, at times, thought provoking. But the lyrics are definitely not complex. The vocalization is soothing, but the range is not demanding. The contribution by the slide guitar involves only a few notes. However, when listening to the song, it’s clear that expertise went into its arrangement and skill went into its performance.
     “Staying Up” was released a few months ago (May) by Wooden Wand, which is the performance name of James Jackson Toth.

     Attic Wolves are from Kansa City. Its members are Nate Heavilin, Caleb Heavilin, Blake Huntington, Matt Richardson, and Logan Wade. Nothing says Folk more loudly than the banjo. Nothing says quality Folk more clearly than a banjo-infused song with numerous changes of pace.  
      "Here's to Looking Back"

     At least for now, Attic Wolves is offering "Here's to Looking Back" as a free download via Noisetrade (price of an email address, but tips appreciated).

     Unlike the first two songs, this one is a throwback. Not in the fishing sense, since it’s a keeper. It’s a throwback in the Facebook sense – this is a good memory. The Acorn released “Restoration” in 2010. It hasn’t grown stale. According to their Facebook page, The Acorn is a Canadian band comprising Rolf Klausener, and an on-going mix of the finest humans, which has includes Adam Saikaley, Pat Johnson, Jeffrey Malecki, Steve Lappano, Jordan Howard, Jeff DeButte, Howie Tsui, Keiko Devaux, Mike Dubue, and Shaun Weadick.

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