Tuesday, December 23, 2014

“Homecoming #2” by Tiger Lou – A Song Review

     There is something that feels right when a band returns from an extended hiatus with a song entitled “Homecoming #2.” The lyrics include:
Call your friends and have 'em find out
That I am home
I am home.

     Tiger Lou released its third album in 2008 and then went into hibernation, at least seemingly. Those of us who are partial to the “clean” guitar sound, we emphatically state, “Welcome back!”
     The band was formed in Nyköping, Sweden in 2001, but is now based in Stockholm. Assuming that the members didn’t change during the hiatus, Tiger Lou comprises Rasmus Kellerman (vocals, guitar), Mathias Johansson (guitar), Erik Welén (bass) and
Pontus Levahn (drums).

     “Homecoming #2” by Tiger Lou

“Homecoming #2” – The Lyrics
The pouring rain, the intersection
I'm baffled by the colors of this town
Call your friends and have 'em find out
That I am home
I am home

Whatever happened to that Spanish place?
The two-for's and the cheap plastic crates
Remember all the nights we couldn't find
our way home, our way home
Now I'm home, I am home

I fell in love with a perfect storm
I didn't wanna be alone anymore
But she spat me out in May

I took a job in a beat up bar
and fooled around with the daughters of
an alumnus from Del Mar

I tried to write just to keep me sane
but the book with the coffee stains
never grew beyond a page

So when the fire finally broke
it was just another way to choke
and find my way back home

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