Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Music Releases with Proper Timing

     This post features recently released songs that we enjoy and are appropriate to the New Year holiday. But it begins with a collection of screen captures from social media sites acknowledging Indie Obsessive. Yes, it’s blatant self-adulation, but we promise to limit this to one time per calendar year (unless it happens more often).

     Brooke Fraser dropped her album “Brutal Romantic” last month. The final track on the album is “New Year’s Eve.” Unlike most songs about that day, it is not celebratory. Instead, it's a reflective song that begins with the sentiment of it being a loud year, so quiet is needed.  Fraser is from New Zealand, but she appears to have gravitated to Los Angeles. She will visit The Independent in San Francisco on January 26, 2015. Time to buy tickets. 
      “New Year’s Eve” by Brooke Fraser

     Changing the course, we have “Drinking Song (Party 1)” from Detroit’s Andy and the Pandy’s. The song hit Soundcloud today; nicely played guys. The members include Andy Maitland, Neall Gleason, Nick Adkins, Dave Daniele, Marcus Baron, Ed Sitek, and Brad Collier.
     “Drinking Song (Party 1)” by Andy and the Pandy’s (the song is available as a free download (Name Your Own Price) via Noisetrade or the Bandcamp site that is included below the song). 

     “New Year's Eve” by MØ. We’re not normally fans of the MØ sound. But we enjoyed this one with the first listen. For at least today, this is a free download. 

     “New Year” by K. Anderson. Anderson is based in London. 

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  1. New Year's Eve by MØ - very good song and music