Monday, December 8, 2014

Soundcloud Has the Power that Kim Kardashian Claims to Possess

     The crisis is likely over by the time you’re reading this (“Crisis averted!”), but Soundcloud temporarily brought the Internet down. Well maybe not the entire Internet, but at least the blogosphere. This morning, we wanted to hear two songs that are usually available for streaming on Soundcloud, only to see a “OOPS” notification. Then, we went to Hype Machine. The listing of songs appeared as usual, but the arrows (triangles) for starting the songs were missing, unless the streams were from Bandcamp or other non-Soundcloud streaming sites.
     The reality is that if Soundcloud ceases to exist, the blogosphere will need to make painful adjustments. For Indie Obsessive and most other music blogs, the archive of posts will immediately turn into a desert wasteland for streams. At least with respect to its value as a repository for Indie songs with comments, the blogosphere is fragile. A tip of the hat to Soundcloud!  

     With Soundcloud temporarily down, we turned to streams that were still available. “Apples & Oranges” is a song by Meanwhile. That’s the performance name of UK artist Tom Andrews. His EP “The Element Yes” is available as of today. The track “Apples & Oranges” is the standout. The variations in the vocal approaches ensures that the song does not grow stale.

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