Saturday, December 27, 2014

Female Dominant Vocals – December 2014

     The last post around the theme of female vocalization was in April. The hiatus was not a result of a lack of strong candidates for the category. Just the opposite - 2014 had more than its share of blogworthy Indie music carried by a female lead singer. Here are four more songs, although two are from artists who were previously introduced to Indie Obsessive.

     One new-comer to Indie Obsessive is Alex Winston. She identifies her hometown as Detroit, Michigan and her current location as New York City. Her song “Careless” was released earlier this month. It has more of an Ellie Goulding feel to it than her earlier work, but includes features that distinguish Winston. In “Careless,” our favorite feature is the vocal layering that starts at the 3:10 mark.
     “Careless” by Alex Winston

     In April 2014, we posted the “Night” by Adna, an artist based in Germany (Berlin), but originally from Gothenburg, Sweden. Adna is preparing for the 2015 release of a second album, which is likely to be led by “Living.”
     “Living” by Adna

     Rae Morris is also looking forward to a 2015 album release. “Unguarded” will be har debut album, which will include “Under the Shadows.” Like Adna, she was 19 when we posted an earlier song, but may be 20 now. Morris is based in Blackpool.
      “Under the Shadows” by Rae Morris

     Jennie Abrahamson was born in the small town of Savar in northern Sweden.
     “War” by Jennie Abrahamson

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