Sunday, December 14, 2014

Best Songs of 2014 Songs 41-50

     This is the fifth set of ten songs of 2014. We acknowledge the fact that it is difficult to rank the tracks. If the process were repeated sometime next month, some shuffling would certainly occur.
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Songs 51 through 62 – CLICK HERE

      41. "Streets" by The Occupants

     42. This Time” by The Legendary House Cats (free download)

     43. “Where Is the Way” by Ourlives (Currently, Ourlives is offering the song as a free download.). This is a 2014 discovery of an older song- If it were a 2014 release, it would be much higher on this list.

     44. “Went Wrong” by As Elephants Are

      45. "100 Lanterns" by YOU

     46. “Cut Your Teeth” by Kyla La Grange

     47. “Seasoned Noise” by Manolo Panic

     48. "Trading Cards” by The Mispers

     49. “Toska” by Broken Records

     50. “Brother” by Mighty Oaks

Songs 51 through 62 – CLICK HERE

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