Wednesday, December 3, 2014

“Centre Straight Atom” by Kassassin Street – A Song Review

     This week, we need to post music that we have been neglecting. The end of the year nears – so we’re going into a “short attention span mode” of posting.
      For weeks, we planned to sing the praises of “The Royal Handkerchief Ballet” by Kassassin Street, but we procrastinated. Then, Kassassin Street released a track that is even more blogworthy. “Centre Straight Atom” is evidence against the argument that the electric guitar is losing its importance in the Indie Rock genre. In addition to the guitar, Indie Obsessive enjoys the percussion. Is that the wood block or a cowbell at the 2:18 mark?
     The members of Kassassin Street are Rowan Bastable, Nathan Hill, Ryan Hill, Andy Hurst, and Tom Wells. The band is based in Southsea, U.K.

     “Centre Straight Atom” by Kassassin Street

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