Thursday, January 8, 2015

“Admit” by Pygmy Lush – Throwback Thursday

     Throwback Thursday is a 2015 feature of Indie Obsessive. It allows us to revisit appreciation for songs that deserved far more attention than they received. The first revisit is to “Admit” by Pygmy Lush. The song is from the album “Old Friends,” which was released on April 1, 2011.
     Pygmy Lush is from Sterling, Virginia. The members are Chris Taylor, Mike Taylor, Johnny Ward, Mike Widman, and Eric Kane.  
     “Admit” by Pygmy Lush

Lyrics of “Admit” 
(according to their Bandcamp page)
Well, I admit that I stayed in the nest for too long,
at least I didn’t really fall out of it..
We came home and we sat upon the couch
and turned off until we began to enjoy it.
Well, well, well, well

We watched the room fall apart around us,
dust up in the corners, heads sewn to co-dependence.
Oliver Sacks sitting on a stack of books in the kitchen
Cats are watching “Law and Order...

Someone told me in a dream I had that "love, sans
maturity is suicidal tendency"....
So sick of the feel of this shit, it’s a bottomless pit, and
your never gunna climb out of it.....
Well, well, well, well

But we did well.....we did well not to listen.. not to listen...I thought
to listen.

     In “Old Friends,“ the acoustic guitar and the rolling cymbals are used very effectively.  

     “January Song” by Pygmy Lush

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