Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pop Heavy with No Apologies

     If you’re looking for Hip-Hop or Metal, “Move along Ma’am/Sir, there’s nothing to see here.” This post resides more closely within the Pop region of the Indie world.

     An anthem is an appropriate start. “Sing My Way” is a recent release by Ash Gale. Previously, he was the frontman of the Australian band The Sundance Kids. The song proclaims, “I’m singing my way out of this one!” Ash Gale has the vocal power to command an anthem and the vocal purity to successfully sing his way out of some situations. But every good anthem needs a high quality power chorus; “Sing My Way” has one.
     “Sing My Way” by Ash Gale


     “Hit the Water” is a track from the Boston-based band Night Lights. The members are Mau Jimenez (vocals and guitar), Yusuke Sato (guitar), Jeff Kinsey (bass and backing vocals) and Dag Hanken (drums). They claim connection with an eclectic array of genres and attribute it to having members from Mexico, Texas, Japan, California, and Norway.
     “Hit the Water” by Night Ligths

     “Wasteland” by Sympathetic Frequencies follows the A-B-A formula of vocals-instrument-vocals. It’s the B segment that sets the song apart from its competition for listener attention.
     Sympathetic Frequencies is a Los Angeles band. The Facebook page states, “Sympathetic Frequencies is a band led by Trevor O'Neill. Current contributors include Annie Aboulian, Corey Coverstone, Daniel Berkman, and Josh Nyback.”
     “Wasteland” by Sympathetic Frequencies

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