Tuesday, January 20, 2015

“Religion” by Howard – An Album Review

     In discussions revolving around the preference of finding individual songs or exploring albums to discover collectable “bodies of work,” we unapologetically are in favor of collecting songs from different artists. Whether we’re in the hunter mode (discovering new music) or the gatherer mode (buying discovered music for burning onto a single CD), we enjoy working with individual songs.
     So, when we were introduced to “Money Can’t Buy” from the Brooklyn-based band Howard, we were satisfied - a song we enjoyed from a band we didn’t previously know. Better yet, the song triggered a learning experience, because Folktronica was not a genre within the Indie Obsessive wheelhouse. The term "Folktronica" seemed to be more of an oxymoron than a genre designation. The blog post went up January 1 (CLICK HERE, if you’re interested). 
     Yes, we were satisfied; but Howard wasn’t finished. Today, Howard released the ten-track LP “Religion.” The song “Falling” is nearly as strong as “Money Can’t Buy.” “Falling” includes vocal layering (for example, starting at 0:40), which is a growing obsession of this blog. And it is heavy on the use of “tribal” drums in the second half of the song. 
     Also among the ten tracks is “Fool.” While a number of the tracks include aspects of Alt-J, it’s “Fool” that is most closely aligned with Alt-J, but better in some respects. We also recommend the title track, “Religion.”

     “Falling” by Howard

     “Money Can’t Buy” by Howard

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