Tuesday, January 20, 2015

“Dare” by GRRL PAL – A Song Review

Contributor: Karen M.

     I’m not usually a fan of Pop music, but the song “Dare” by the girl-boy electro-pop duo from Perth, Australia combined a tasty blend of Pop/Electronica that inspired me to dance, as well as imagine that I was a choreographer and wardrobe designer for a kitschy pop video. Images of variations on Harajuku Lovers, Hello Kitty, oversized lollipops (Willy Wonka style) and flashy high-top striped dance sneakers floated through my head. The email submission we received from GRRL PAL stated “Inspired by a game of spin-the-bottle under the influence of an activity that’s only legal in Amsterdam and the state of Colorado and laced with their signature synthy-pop-bedroom-vibes, DARE challenges you to come along on a dream-weaving adventure.” Well, count me in. 
     The Electronica takes on loopy swirls beginning at 1:25, 1:36 and 1:46, mirroring the full circle that would certainly enhance a game of spin-the-bottle. Then, there’s the playful staccato-like vocals “Take me higher, I like your fire, feeling shyer.” The Electronica solo at the end also makes sense as you’d need some time to move forward and act upon the direction of your bottle.

      “Dare" by GRRL PAL

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GRRLPAL

Additional information received from the email submission:
The track was co-produced by Parker Ighile (Rihanna, G-Easy & Nicki Minaj) during the duo’s adventure to the states. Producer, Danny K and vocalist, Jay Le Kat, began creating their synthy-bedroom-pop in 2013. At the beginning of the duo’s short life they released ‘Amazon’ (March 2013), which received attention from Triple J and Triple J Unearthed. Soon after, GRRLPAL began playing live shows, supporting the likes of Rüfüs, The Jungle Giants, Willow Beats, Clubfeet and Miami Horror. as well as joining San Cisco on tour.

Amazon’s release received international blog love and interest from renowned industry experts. Resulting in the duo flying to America to live and work with acclaimed producer, Parker Ighile for two months. The duo worked with Parker on ‘Dare’, which is the opening track of their upcoming EP; they also worked on two other songs which are due out later in the year.

With their trip to the states and a year’s worth of song writing, GRRL PAL set out to release a song a month for the duration of 2015 via Soundcloud. With their first release in over a year, ‘PARADISE’ managed to clock up over 50 000 Soundcloud plays in a month, also receiving Triple J love, maintaining high rotation on Unearthed Radio and opening up ‘Colab Festival’ track: “Sing-songy vocals dance their way over a bed of propulsive beats and right into your pleasure centres.” Continuing their song a month ritual, GRRL PAL are kicking off the year with ‘Dare’ and their EP is due out in April.

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