Saturday, January 24, 2015

Female Dominant Vocals – Rae, Rae and May

     In this month’s post of songs that feature strong female vocalization, the artists are Alea Rae, Rae Morris and Laura May. The name similarity wasn’t planned, but it wasn’t avoided either.
    Alea Rae is a trio based in New Westminster, Canada (near Vancouver). The members are Alea Clark (lead vocals, rhythm guitar and synth bass), Jeremiah Ackermann (percussion and vocals) and Patrick Farrugia (lead guitar, vocals and bass). For their song “Lancaster,” Alea Clark’s vocal abilities provided the qualification for this post, but it’s the combination of vocals and guitar work that placed the track in our most frequently visited playlist.

     This is a repeat appearance of Rae Morris. We count ourselves as being on the Morris bandwagon and look forward to the release her debut album, “Unguarded,” on January 26. She is based in Blackpool, U.K.
     "Love Again"

     I.AM.L (or I Am L) is the performance name of Laura May, who was born in Ireland (Cork) and is now based in Brighton, U.K. With just a quick view of the Soundcloud waveform, it is apparent that “Lonely in Paradise” includes a number of intensity transitions. What is not apparent is the skill in executing the transitions and the care that was taken in the mixing. This is a song with power.
     “Lonely in Paradise”

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