Wednesday, January 21, 2015

“Colours” by Turtle – A Song Review

Contributor: Karen M.

     When taking an eye exam, there is a portion of the exam during which a random light quickly appears and disappears, and if you notice that light, you should press a clicker to mark recognition of its appearance.  Embarking on a similar experiment with Jon Cooper’s (“Turtle”) new song “Colours,” I closed my eyes while reclining and listened to this superb track, mentally marking the appearance of lush changes in ambient layers. “Colours” begins subtly, building layers with synthesizers, then the appearance of soaring lyricless vocals as you continue to propel forward in a changing landscape of layered sounds.  At the 1:42 mark of the song, a more industrial sound appears, with a heavier consistent clanging beat.  Those initial beats are precise and then they morph into a beat but with a trail.  Particularly appreciated the transition at 2:25, digging deeper, unzipping yet another layer. 
     In the end, listening to this track with eyes closed was a fruitful endeavor as I was able to view shifting colors (U.S. spelling) through the changing ambient landscape.  We look forward to Turtle’s second EP release “Colours,” which is due out April 6th via Beatnik Creative (Palace & Eliza Shaddad.)

     “Colours” by Turtle

Additional information received from the email submission:
‘Colours’, the title track from Turtle’s eagerly awaited 2nd EP, is yet another looped euphoric dance beauty serving as the perfect teaser for what is to come with the EP’s official release. Colours is the second of three instrumental electronic tracks from the release, highlighting Cooper’s diverse ability as a beat maker as much as a singer/songwriter. 
Debut EP ‘Who Knows’ saw Cooper unify critics and gain comparisons with the likes of Jon Hopkins, SOHN and Tom Yorke, including being championed heavily by the likes of Lauren Laverne, Gilles Peterson, Nemone and Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music, Huw Stephens BBC Radio 1,and NME.
Since his debut Cooper has been busy reworking acts such as Lyla Foy, Phoria and Khushi, earning him a sterling reputation as a remixer, with tastemaker blog Gold Flake Paint referring to his remixes as ‘the most impressive we’ve heard in 2014.’
Turtle’s second EP Colours, which is due out 6th April 2015 via Beatnik Creative (Palace & Eliza Shaddad).

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