Tuesday, January 6, 2015

“Best of What’s Next” Download on Noisetrade

     Noisetrade is offering a 27-song download that it labels “Best of What’s Next.” The download is offered for free, but they do appreciate tips.
     Embedded below is the Noisetrade offer. By clicking on the arrow within the embedded offer, you can sample all 27 tracks of the mixtape. Because Soundcloud versions of the songs are more easily manipulated, we also embedded the Soundcloud versions of the Indie Obsessive recommendations from the mixtape.

      If you enjoy anthems, perhaps your favorite of the 27 songs will be “We Can’t Ever Die” by White Arrows from Los Angeles.

     [Quoting ourselves] - “Living & Dying” is Folk with a message. The format is a simple one, where two segments of vocals are separated by an instrumental segment. But the instrumental segment has an increased tempo and a background chorus. The final vocals segment is short, but reinforces the message that humans are having a negative impact on the earth. During the song, there is a heavy reliance on the banjo and a well-arranged use of what is likely a slide guitar.
     “Living & Dying”

     “Alexander” by Rey Pilla – A hint of David Bowie

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